Stockton Homeowners Still Selling Homes During The Coronavirus Outbreak

I am sure all of you are excited to see a post on the topic of selling your house during Coronavirus outbreak. But this is what we are dealing with for the next couple of months.

With so much information flying around, it’s hard to be calm during an unknown time. There is good news though! Interest rates are at an all time low and may continue to get lower in the passing days. Why is this good news? Well it means people are going to take advantage of these rates and buy houses. Here’s how you can prepare your home as a seller and get ready for these buyers!


With what we know about the virus, we want to ensure everyone has safety in mind first and foremost! If you are preparing to sell your home during this time, we want to make sure all parties are protected. This includes getting your home deep cleaned before you list on the market. We want to make sure all solid surfaces are wiped down with a bleach formula as well as all door handles and light switches. If you have carpet in your home, we suggest getting them professionally cleaned and for hardwood floors, using a sanitation cleaner.


Virtual tours are a real estate agents and homeowners best friends right now. They will be viewed 4 times as much as before the outbreak, so make sure your agent provides this service. Once your home is listed and you started getting showings, make sure you leave your property for all showings. When you return home after showings, wipe down all surfaces that people may have touched. Buyers agents will instruct buyers to not touch anything but it doesn’t hurt to resanitize after each walk through. We suggest leaving hand sanitizer by the front door and a note saying to please use before and after looking at your home. Open houses should not be held during the outbreak time as it could be endangering yourself, your agent and/or attendees. Just to note also, vacant homes are seller 3 times faster and getting many more showings in this market than occupied homes. So if you have the option of selling your home vacant, take this option.


Once you get an offer and all terms are agreed on, we suggest doing all paperwork electronically. This includes sending offers and terms via electronic signing software. This way, no papers have to touch hands at any point. Once you are fully executed, your agent should let all parties know that you only want minimal people in your property during the home inspection period so maybe just the agent and inspector be present.


Good news is closings can be remote also! You can have the title company email you all paperwork and have a mobile notary come to your house to sign all documents if you don’t feel comfortable being at the closing table. All title companies are going above and beyond to keep pens and table sanitized right now but it’s all about your comfort level. Title companies can wire you your funds once the closing is complete so you don’t have to worry about picking up a check. The point in all of this is to keep facts above fear in this time. If you don’t like the option of people coming through your house during this period, your home will have a difficult time selling, so be creative and take precautions, BUT KEEP SHOWING.

At Bright Side Real Estate our utmost concern at this time is public safety. We are set up with all of the modern electronic options for signings and closings, Zoom meetings for listing consults, docusign for electronic form signing, the most professional virtual tour platforms and a detailed plan for selling homes during this outbreak. Give us a call today to discuss your strategy!!