Sheree’s 7 Frugal Fall Decorating Ideas!!

1. Create sweet and simple pumpkin vases.
Find small pie pumpkins or pumpkin gourds at your local gardening center or market. Take a knife and carefully remove the top, carving out the inside about 1 inch deep. Add a few tablespoons of water or a damp tissue and add fresh fall flower stems such as mums.

2. Make some dried apple garlands.
Slice apples into thin strips and either dry in a food dehydrator or on low in your oven for about 60 minutes. You can even sprinkle the slices with cinnamon if you wish. String the slices on some red or orange ribbon and hang from your mantel, doorway, or anywhere else you choose. This garland provides a rustic look and plenty of spicy sweet smells to your home.

3. Arrange some colorful candle groupings.
Visit your local dollar store for candles in an assortment of fall colors such as yellow, red, and orange. Look for various sizes. Now, assemble the candles on a large gold charger or plate. This makes the perfect centerpiece or mantel decoration. Whether you light the candles or not is up to you, but either way it will look lovely.

4. Round up some rustic accents.
Search your local thrift store or even your garage or attic for some rustic accents. Look for old metal watering cans, ironwork, cast iron pots, metal planters, or other rustic pieces that you can display mums, apples, or pumpkins in. The rustier it is, the better!

5. Give an old chair a pop of fall color.
Find an old chair at a thrift store or in your own garage and give it a pop of fun fall color. A bright yellow, orange, or burnt red will make it warm and reflective of the season. Plus, you can use the piece to display other fall accents.

6. Liven up a space with linens.
Change out your old linens with fresh fall ones. Look for towels, throw pillows, runners, and rugs in warm fall colors and change them out with your summer pieces.  Your room will instantly feel warmer and cozier once you add those pops of red, gold, orange, sage green and more.

7. Create a gourd gathering.
In a large bowl or vessel of some type, arrange a large selection of gourds and apples. These are as low as a quarter at your local market, so you can really get some bang for your buck. Place these in clear cylinder vases, large bowls, or arrange on a colorful charger. You can even add in mums, rustic accents, acorns, pinecones, or anything else nature provides you for FREE!