From the Fairway to the Waterway. There’s always a Bright Side in Stockton.

As Sheree Cox sails along the channel with her husband, Michael, she takes a deep breath. Closing her eyes for an instant, she relishes the feeling of the sun shining overhead, the cool breeze blowing and the few drops of water that manage to spray her face every now and then. When she opens her eyes, her gaze drifts over the sparkling water. She can see the clouds reflecting on the water’s surface.

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Glancing at her husband who appear just as content as she is, Sheree realizes there’s no place else she’d rather be than right here, right now. In fact, you won’t meet a more avid proponent for the Stockton area. Whatever your lifestyle needs, whether it’s getting out on the links for a round of golf, or a peaceful afternoon sail, or just spending an hour at the local park with your kids, the area has lots of upside. She knows that from the fairway to the waterway, there’s always a bright side to life in the Stockton area.

Local Expert

In fact, Sheree has become quite an expert on the local attractions and amenities in the area. Whether she’s enjoying a day playing golf with her husband, boating, or simply relaxing at the area country club, Sheree knows that this lifestyle is one she wouldn’t trade for anything. She never gets tired of exploring all of the area’s great attractions. She always seems to find something new to enjoy. Sheree is always prepared to help guide her clients through every step of their home sale or purchase.

“I couldn’t think of a better place to live than Stockton. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing my passion for the area with others who feel the same way. Helping my clients discover the best this area has to offer is my favorite part of my career in real estate.” ~Sheree Cox

Enthusiastic Approach

But that’s just Sheree. She’s always looking at the bright side, the positive side of life. It’s this enthusiasm and drive that has helped contribute to every success in her life. These attributes were evident when she was a local Jazzercise franchise owner that she owned and operated for 21 years. It’s evident when she channels her energy toward making a difference in her community, organizing and sponsoring community fundraisers, and events for local residents.

A Powerful Resource

It is exactly Sheree’s energy and drive with over 20 years in real estate,combined with her passion for Stockton, that’s propelled her to become Stockton’s leading real estate broker. You won’t meet a more knowledgeable resource for your real estate needs than this area specialist. Whether it’s answering simple real estate questions, helping a buyer find the ideal home, or strategizing on creative marketing plans to get her clients’ homes sold fast and for top dollar, Sheree knows Stockton, and the surrounding real estate market. Sheree also has a thorough knowledge of the area’s school districts, community services and programs. She can point you to a great restaurant or suggest a little known spot that’s great for a picnic—she knows Stockton. So if you’re thinking of making a move to the Stockton area, or just have questions about this unique locale, it’s obvious that Sheree is your ultimate resource. Clients and friends alike will tell you she’s A Look At The Bright Side. Call her for all of your real estate needs.